X Ambassadors


This band has become quite popular over the last year with their song “Unsteady”. I have loved this song and several others of their as well and wanted to do a fan poster for them. I loved working with the beautiful foggy forest image and the chunky serif font and I really like how it…


Until the Ribbon Breaks


I have loved this band for a very long time. They aren’t widely known but I feel like they should be because of their cool sound that gets me so pumped when I design. I pictured a clean font for this poster before I thought of anything else. Since they are very modern but also…


Winter Chic


Winter is here and although I hate the cold, the clothes that come along with it are admittedly awesome. I wanted to do a fun fashion post of a more dressy look for Holiday parties that was comfortable and good for people who just had their babies like me 🙂 This flowy top was a…


Newborn Pictures


These newborn pictures turned out better than I imagined. I am so obsessed with my Scarlett that I just think every picture of her is perfection I can’t believe the amazing moments Rosalyn Photography captured. There is just something so special about having these memories forever and I am eternally grateful to her for doing…


Bastille Music Poster


  We are getting down to the last few poster designs for this year. I think I have decided to do book covers next year to get some practice in for my own book series that I have been writing since 2008! Ya i know it’s taking foreverrrrrrr but it has been so fun and…


Scarlett’s Nursery Reveal


After a month, I finally got her nursery finished…she did come two weeks early and apparently I decided to procrastinate until the last minute. Anywho, I decided to do her nursery gray and white with pink and shades of blue. It’s kind of hard to tell but the velvet bench is dusty blue which matches the…


Ritual Music Poster


It’s been a while since my last Music Poster Project post (say that five times fast) but since I’ve been on maternity break I have had a few hours here and there to finish up the last few for this year so keep your eye out for the rest. This design was inspired by a…


My PKU Baby


We finally had our sweet little baby after a loooong  process of infertility and pregnancy and truly thought we had our happily ever after.  Four days after Scarlett was born the hospital called us and said she had tested positive for some things they automatically tested for at birth. They wouldn’t tell me over the…