Abandoned Castle Mood Board


Pearl & Godiva | Brushfire Photography | Michael Radford Photography | Taylor Lord Photography | Almond Leaf Studios I love anything that looks like this. There is something magical about ivy growing up a wall or the shadows from trees in the forest. I wanted to make a mysterious melancholy mood board to satisfy my own creative juices. MUSIC…


Wood Pile Shoot


One of my favourite clients to work with is Mission Belt, a mens belt company that gives a dollar from every purchase to people in 3rd world countries in the form of a loan to help them start businesses and fight the poverty cycle. The belts are made of real leather and my husband absolutely…




I watched Hook last night and it reminded me of being little. I think about all the dreams and ideas I had when I was little and how I wanted to change the world and be a princess…haha it actually made my heart a little sad to think how pure my intentions were. There is…


Seaside Wedding Mood Board


Irish Cloud Shadows from story of eve Obsesssssssed. I want to cry when I watch this video because it is exactly how the sea feels in my dreams. Anything seaside is my jam right now. Pearl & Godiva | Esther Sun | Jen Wojcik MUSIC INSPIRATION: Someone Else ~ LANY


Allichelle Branding


   This project was unique to the fact that my client had purchased a website from a design company and therefore the colors and assets were given to me. I actually loved working with them to make pretty floral clusters and adding the classic look with the fonts we ended up going with for the…


Girls Night


There’s nothin like a girls night when you have been working a ton and need something pretty and fun to do. A few talented friends and I decided to do a little pretty party for ourselves and why not invite a photographer along. We wanted to make this night a night full of pretty things…


Some home inspiration


Happy Friday!! I love making mood boards and layouts so I thought I would make one of my latest favs. This concrete light lined in gold screams Kirsten Kizerian! I love everything about it, the design is so pretty and dainty yet very modern and geometric. I also loved the mix of tropical leaves with…


Fine & Dandy


This was such a fun shoot to do after all of our hard work designing the products for the Fine and Dandy collection for Dear Lizzy. She is such a fun person to work with and her style is exactly what the crafting world needs. This collection was designed to be an everyday style with products…


Bunny Shoot


Who doesn’t love a little bunny action?? I think this is one of the prettiest shoots I was able to participate in. I am happy to say that Style Me Pretty posted it for their Easter shoot! I used my etsy template in a dustly blue color. It’s so fun to see how many different ways…