Moondate Clothing Branding


I have been horrible at posting my projects this year because I have been so busy working! I first want to say in the spirit of Thanksgiving, that I am so grateful for my awesome clients. I get to meet new, interesting people doing amazing projects. I appreciate how creative and ambitious people are with…

Fall Leaves & Family


I never say no to a fun family shoot no matter what the circumstances. This shoot was taken at Utah Lake with all the leaves and pretty sunset behind, the weather was perfect (which I was a little worried about being the end of October). I also loved meeting a new photographer with personality and…

Stranger Things Party


I was dressed as Barb of course 🙂 and Tyler was Lucas which was super easy to do. I just bought a wig and a camo bandanna and then he wore is normal clothes and a backpack. People came in the coolest outfits. My theme was Stranger things or 80’s film so it was so…

A Little Family Room Update


This post has taken me forever because I took forever to finish this room! Haha. It was a big project for me with everything going on with my family and myself but I am so glad I got it done just in time for the holidays. As you know, I am a sale shopper so…

Scarletts first time at the beach!


Like I said in my last post, California was perfect. My birthday on the beach was amazing and I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more. Scarlett loved the sand (eating it too), and enjoyed the serene sounds of the waves which her sound machine plays every time she sleeps. I collaborated with for clothing on…



California last weekend was everything I needed it to be. Things have been going so much better with life and I just wanted to relax and enjoy our time at Tyler’s parent’s house. They are moving to Utah soon and so we wanted to dip our toes in their perfect pool and makes some memories….

Lana Del Rey


It’s bout’ time I do a Lana Del Rey poster up in hurr. I have been obsessed with her over the last five years and have finally decided on a design that fit some of my favourite songs of hers. When I first heard her, she was the epitome of old hollywood glam. This last…