The First Trimenster


The first trimester was a breeze compared to most women I have heard. I was nauseous all the time but never had to throw up, just needed to eat constantly to not feel sick. My exaustion was insane! I didn’t know I could be a human sloth and stay awake to see it. haha ok…

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Young Summer Poster


If you know anything about me over the last few years, you know Young Summer is one of my favs. I have probably posted a number of their songs on my blog and therefore decided they were a perfect band for me to do some fan art for. Their songs are so soft and seriously…


2+1 makes 3


Well most of you don’t know this about me and I have been really private about it because its a sensitive subject for me to talk about. But first the good news, I”M PREGNANT!!!!! It really is a miracle we got pregnant with our first time doing IUI (artificial insemination). In fact we had to…

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Daft Punk Music Poster


One of my husbands favourite bands to listen to while we are jamming in the car is Daft Punk. I like how they have a mysterious electronic sound with a great beat in every song, even if you can’t really understand the lyrics, haha. It kind of reminds me of my “Barbie Girl” days along with…


Date Night in the City


Hat: Forever21  |  Jewelry: Hepp  |  Dress: SheInside  |  Clutch: Forever21 (similar)  |  Shoes: SheInside Date night is always the best night of the week for me. Sometimes I like to dress up and sometimes I don’t even put makeup on (my poor husband) but when I do decide to get dolled up, this is…


Fashion Font Freebie


Didot  |  edition |  Vanity  |  Fine Style  |  Bodoniflf  |  glamor  | red velvet | pistilli roman MUSIC INSPIRATION: Hello Friday ~ Jason Derulo, Flo Rida 8 Free fashion fonts for this awesome Friday! I am starting to get back into fashion after my 3 year hiatus and its really fun. These are some cool fonts that…

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Billie Eilish Poster Design


She is probably one you haven’t heard much of because she only has one song but hot dang that one song is good, good enough for me to want to make a poster of it. In fact I have most of her remixes saved in my go-to playlist right now on Spotify. I feel like her…


grunge chic


Hello ladies! Since it is still chilly outside I thought I would give you a casual but warm outfit. Being cold is one of the three things that makes me a little unpleasant, along with being hungry or tired (just ask my husband). This is my everyday work outfit, its pretty casual but looks professional…


Pretty in Pink


I know its been months since I have done a style post so I thought it was well overdue. When I saw this skirt it called my name and I had to have it. I loved the flowyness and the modernness of the pleats in a maxiskirt, and of course its pink so it was…