Tips: Working for yourself


I thought I would blog about something a little different from my usual. I think it is nice to talk about the subjects people always wonder when they skim through your stuff. I know when I find someone new to follow, I want to know all about them as a person, who they are, what…

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Documentary : Dear Lizzy


  This is the last crafting collection I worked on for Dear Lizzy and it just came out!! Woohoo! She was a delight to work with and has such a fun bright style. It’s a little bitter sweet but I feel good about where I am currently and the type of work I have now….


Horoscope Prints


There is something about the stars that is so intriguing to me. Shiny little lights in a big blue sky so far away. I have always been interested in stars and constellations and especially symbolism so I wanted to make some cool fun prints that had a touch of that. My newest collection is called…


Suited up


I loved planning this shoot because it was in the coolest location. My vision was tall glass windows with cool reflections that made a modern business feel to the pictures. I have posted several of my shoots from Mission Belt and here is one focused on the business man. Back to School shoot | Woodpile…


Free Fonts


I love doing free font posts because everyone loves free stuff. Here are some good ones I have found lately. I wanted my theme to be inspirational since it is suicide prevention month and I have had some friends pass this summer from suicide. Depression and low self-esteem is a terrible disease. Everyone catches it on…


Setting up a document for print


Hope you guys like this tutorial. It is a bit choppy so please forgive me MUSIC INSPIRATION: Carly Rae Jepsen ~ Gimmie Love

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The Best British Drama’s


If you ask anyone who knows me, they all know that I live in a dream worlds and one of those worlds I love to escape to is BBC period dramas. I have an entire case of mini series, movies and television shows all taking place a long time ago in England somewhere. They give…


Back to School


I can’t believe its already that time of the year! I think this summer went by in a flash but I really had a great time working with some amazing and talented young people. This photoshoot was planned for a company called Mission Belt in my local area. They wanted something fun and school oriented to…


The basics of Illustrator


This tutorial is for beginners who want to learn how to set up a file, use the type tool and save out the correct format for a blog, website, or social platform. Hope you like it! MUSIC INSPIRATION: Sugar~ Robin Schulz & Francesco Yates