My PKU Baby


We finally had our sweet little baby after a loooong  process of infertility and pregnancy and truly thought we had our happily ever after.  Four days after Scarlett was born the hospital called us and said she had tested positive for some things they automatically tested for at birth. They wouldn’t tell me over the…


Scarlett’s Birth Story


Miss Scarlett came very unexpectedly but dang was I happy to get rid of the back pain I had been suffering through. It all started with an instagram post I did that night, I think I cursed myself when I wrote that the thought of waiting two more weeks made me want to die. My…

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Office Design


CALENDAR FREEBIE  Get $10 any order with the coupon WGS10 from Parabo Press (large print and wooden frame) Ok so I have had my office in my new house for a year and a half and still never decorated it. You would think it would be the first room to decorate because I practically live in…

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Practicing Photography & My Little Sister


Happy Birthday to my little sissy!!! I can’t believe she is so grown up and has a big girl job now. She teaches English to Jr. High students and they really love her (of course because she is so cool!) Nicole decided to dye her hair pink a few weeks ago and so I tried…