Commitment Calendar


We also did some fun downloadable prints from the artwork in the calendar for only $10! A friend of mine, Second Ammendment Mommy came to me about this business idea and I was like, meh, sure. I needed a calendar and thought whynot design my own. Once we designed it, I was like heck yes!!!…

Christmas Eve Dinner Table Freebie


I love doing table settings especially when I am bored out of my mind because we can’t leave the house and I have to be in the kitchen area for Scarlett to play. She can’t be more than 10ft away from me at all times so designing is out. I clean A TON, and do…

Christmas Decor at the Kizerians


I have had so much fun decorating for the holidays this year and wanted to share some of my fun creations. I love the Hearth and Hand collection at Target and so I bought some of the items to give my Christmas an update from past years as well as used their style as inspiration….

Selena Gomez Music Poster


I love her. I have loved her for a long time and I am loving everthything she has put out the last year especially so I wanted to make some vintage style (70-80’s) posters with her on them. Just another fun addition to my Music Poster Project. SEE ALL OF THEM HERE

Moondate Clothing Branding


I have been horrible at posting my projects this year because I have been so busy working! I first want to say in the spirit of Thanksgiving, that I am so grateful for my awesome clients. I get to meet new, interesting people doing amazing projects. I appreciate how creative and ambitious people are with…

Fall Leaves & Family


I never say no to a fun family shoot no matter what the circumstances. This shoot was taken at Utah Lake with all the leaves and pretty sunset behind, the weather was perfect (which I was a little worried about being the end of October). I also loved meeting a new photographer with personality and…