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Merry Christmas gifting everyone! In case you haven’t heard, Tyler and I have decided that we are not doing gifts for each other this year. Instead we are doing acts of service for the #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign put on by the LDS Church which is basically doing acts of service everyday this month. It has been eye-opening to see how many opportunities there are to do service that we normally wouldn’t recognize and I am really glad we are doing it.

For the rest of the family however, we are giving gifts but I wanted to do really meaningful gifts instead of a bunch of crap you just buy to check the box. Focusing on our family and the true meaning of Christmas, I decided that photo books of our family and especially the story of our sweet Scarlett would be an amazing gift for Tyler and I’s parents.

Immediately I thought to use Parabo┬áPress because I was so happy with what they did in my office post. When I got them in the mail I about died! They are perfection!┬áthe colors of the photos and the really nice paper (I’m a paper snob), I was so impressed and even better was the offer they said I could give all of you. So here it is…

A FREE PHOTO BOOK!!!!!! Just use this code WEGBK and it will give you a free 5.5″ Softcover Photo Book, and you can upgrade to an 8″ for just $5 – you just pay shipping for either size.

Shown above is the 8×8 hardcover book which I would recommend doing the upgrade if you want it to lasts longer.