We also did some fun downloadable prints from the artwork in the calendar for only $10!

A friend of mine, Second Ammendment Mommy came to me about this business idea and I was like, meh, sure. I needed a calendar and thought whynot design my own. Once we designed it, I was like heck yes!!! This is the coolest and most usedful calendar I have ever seen.

In a nutshell it’s a calendar where you make small commitments each month to help achieve your bigger yearly goals. It keeps track of your progress and you evaluate yourself at the end of each month and reward yourself if you’ve kept your commitment. It’s also full of Inspirational quotes and positive self affirmations with some pretty semi-custom artwork. It really would be great for anyone who needs a calendar. I have decided to sell them in my Ash + Ivory shop, which is my sole home decor and design platform.


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