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Fall Leaves & Family


I never say no to a fun family shoot no matter what the circumstances. This shoot was taken at Utah Lake with all the leaves and pretty sunset behind, the weather was perfect (which I was a little worried about being the end of October). I also loved meeting a new photographer with personality and…

Scarletts first time at the beach!


Like I said in my last post, California was perfect. My birthday on the beach was amazing and I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more. Scarlett loved the sand (eating it too), and enjoyed the serene sounds of the waves which her sound machine plays every time she sleeps. I collaborated with for clothing on…



California last weekend was everything I needed it to be. Things have been going so much better with life and I just wanted to relax and enjoy our time at Tyler’s parent’s house. They are moving to Utah soon and so we wanted to dip our toes in their perfect pool and makes some memories….

Winter Chic


Winter is here and although I hate the cold, the clothes that come along with it are admittedly awesome. I wanted to do a fun fashion post of a more dressy look for Holiday parties that was comfortable and good for people who just had their babies like me ūüôā This flowy top was a…

A little black and white


Well sometimes I like to do a little style blogging as you can probably tell lately, its funny now that I am pregnant, I suddenly want to shop all of the time for me and for her. This outfit is super comfy and one of my favs for any time of year. The black leggings…

Summer Reading


I have never really liked reading. When I was little I struggled and have always been pretty slow at reading so when audiobooks came out they changed my life. The first book I ever read by choice was The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. At the time I had no idea that he also had written…



Everyone loves a good stripe these days, especially a navy blue one. When I saw this top from Tai Pan Trading (they sell clothes there in case you didn’t know), I about died and had to have it. It is super flowy and bohemian with a bit of a nautical touch. The other thing I…



Since I have been pregnant, stuff I have become a little more spicy with my attitude :/ I saw this shirt at She Inside and had to get it, here when it arrived my husband laughed because he knew it was perfect for me haha. I love this outfit for a few reasons, sildenafil first…

Fashion Font Freebie


Didot ¬†| ¬†edition¬†| ¬†Vanity ¬†| ¬†Fine Style ¬†| ¬†Bodoniflf ¬†| ¬†glamor ¬†|¬†red velvet¬†| pistilli roman MUSIC INSPIRATION: Hello Friday ~ Jason Derulo, look Flo Rida 8 Free fashion fonts for this awesome Friday! I am starting to get back into fashion after my 3 year hiatus and its really fun. These are some cool fonts…