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At Home Teeth Whitening Kit Giveaway!


  So I am sure you new moms or seasoned moms can all relate when you say you don’t feel quite as good looking as you once did after you’ve had a kid. This is my first experience with feeling the frumpy mom vibes and they have lasted much longer than I anticipated. To help myself…

Valentine LOVE


I love doing my Valentine posts each year because I can do something a little different than my usual. Last year I worked with some pretty linens from Minted home on a table setting as well as a fun XO freebie. This year I am working with Parabo Press (my new fav printing company) to do…

January 2017 calendar Freebie


Hey guys, I started designing a calendar for 2017 and I ended up really loving it. At first I thought I would sell it but I am too lazy to do that so I am just going to give it to ya fo freeee! I will try and finish the whole thing in the next…

The Best Christmas Gift


Merry Christmas gifting everyone! In case you haven’t heard, Tyler and I have decided that we are not doing gifts for each other this year. Instead we are doing acts of service for the #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign put on by the LDS Church which is basically doing acts of service everyday this month. It has been…

Fashion Font Freebie


Didot  |  edition |  Vanity  |  Fine Style  |  Bodoniflf  |  glamor  | red velvet | pistilli roman MUSIC INSPIRATION: Hello Friday ~ Jason Derulo, look Flo Rida 8 Free fashion fonts for this awesome Friday! I am starting to get back into fashion after my 3 year hiatus and its really fun. These are some cool fonts…



  I have been really really into this band Young Summer and I wanted to incorporate it into my free fonts post so… each phrase is a title of one of their songs that I love. I know I already posted their “Waves that rolled you under” but I want you to listen to it…

Valentine Freebie & DIY


I love Valentines day, find its a day of love and I love love so it is perfect for me. I have been super lame the last few years with birthdays and well, any special occasion because I have been working so much but this year I really wanted to do something a little more…



duwhoers |sweet hearts | arvo | master of break |brusher | anudaw | darleston | old bob If you are like me, healing store you want a variety of fonts when doing a project for Valentines day. I have made up a list of fonts that would be perfect for any crafted valentine this year and they are all free! Bonus! MUSIC INSPIRATION: I love you…

Free Fonts


I love doing free font posts because everyone loves free stuff. Here are some good ones I have found lately. I wanted my theme to be inspirational since it is suicide prevention month and I have had some friends pass this summer from suicide. Depression and low self-esteem is a terrible disease. Everyone catches it on…

Love Yo Face Freebie


I love yo face…I really do. So I made this fun desktop to share because it gives me a quick boost of self-esteem every time I see it. Hope you enjoy it! MUSIC INSPIRATION: Victor ~ Prinze George Desktop  |  Ipad  |  phone