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Christmas Decor at the Kizerians


I have had so much fun decorating for the holidays this year and wanted to share some of my fun creations. I love the Hearth and Hand collection at Target and so I bought some of the items to give my Christmas an update from past years as well as used their style as inspiration….

A Little Family Room Update


This post has taken me forever because I took forever to finish this room! Haha. It was a big project for me with everything going on with my family and myself but I am so glad I got it done just in time for the holidays. As you know, I am a sale shopper so…

Scarlett’s Nursery Reveal


After a month, I finally got her nursery finished…she did come two weeks early and apparently I decided to procrastinate until the last minute. Anywho, I decided to do her nursery gray and white with pink and shades of blue. It’s kind of hard to tell but the velvet bench is dusty blue which matches the…

Office Design


CALENDAR FREEBIE  Get $10 any order with the coupon WGS10 from Parabo Press (large print and wooden frame) Ok so I have had my office in my new house for a year and a half and still never decorated it. You would think it would be the first room to decorate because I practically live in…

Minted Interiors Shop


I love the contrast between these two patterns and how well they go together. You don’t have to match perfectly when choosing pillows, variety and a bit of randomness sometimes makes your couch or bed look best. I think the reason they work is because one is mostly dark with splashes of color, and one…

Horoscope Prints


There is something about the stars that is so intriguing to me. Shiny little lights in a big blue sky so far away. I have always been interested in stars and constellations and especially symbolism so I wanted to make some cool fun prints that had a touch of that. My newest collection is called…

Some home inspiration


Happy Friday!! I love making mood boards and layouts so I thought I would make one of my latest favs. This concrete light lined in gold screams Kirsten Kizerian! I love everything about it, find the design is so pretty and dainty yet very modern and geometric. I also loved the mix of tropical leaves…

Dining Room DIY


So most of you know I just moved into my new house and we are definitely on a budget for decorating. I decided to take it upon myself to diy my house starting with the dining room since that is a large focal point for our open floor plan. I started with the gold chandelier,…