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Spring Family Pictures


With the craziness of life I have taken a long break from blogging just to get things in order. I am starting a new company called ASH + IVORY, which consists of some of my digital artwork, 16×20 letter boards and some mudcloth,┬áindigo batik pillows. I love home decor and I thought it would be…

Practicing Photography & My Little Sister


Happy Birthday to my little sissy!!! I can’t believe she is so grown up and has a big girl job now. She teaches English to Jr. High students and they really love her (of course because she is so cool!) Nicole decided to dye her hair pink a few weeks ago and so I tried…

Photography Brochure


If you haven’t heard of Chantel Marie Photography by now you are reeeeeaaaalllly missing out. She is litterally a wizard with the amazing magic she can do with photos. She did our Christmas card pics last year and I loved them. She also did a styled shoot with me last summer with pink peonies and…

Wood Pile Shoot


One of my favourite clients to work with is Mission Belt, discount a mens belt company that gives a dollar from every purchase to people in 3rd world countries in the form of a loan to help them start businesses and fight the poverty cycle. The belts are made of real leather and my husband…



I used to do some film photography years ago, cialis sadly I have nearly forgotten how to use my vintage pentax camera and do all the stuff in the darkroom but, sovaldi I did find a few rolls of film I have used. I decided too develop them and see what was actually on them….