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Fashion & Super Models


Well let’s talk supermodels. Who is everyones favourite??? Cara Delevingne of course. I love that the days of the supermodels are back and more alive than ever. Pinterest is covered with them, not like they are much better of an influence than actors or singers but its fun to have a change. Back in the…

Free Fonts


I love doing free font posts because everyone loves free stuff. Here are some good ones I have found lately. I wanted my theme to be inspirational since it is suicide prevention month and I have had some friends pass this summer from suicide. Depression and low self-esteem is a terrible disease. Everyone catches it on…



I watched Hook last night and it reminded me of being little. I think about all the dreams and ideas I had when I was little and how I wanted to change the world and be a princess…haha it actually made my heart a little sad to think how pure my intentions were. There is…

Everyday I’m Hustlin


It’s true, I am! It has been one year since I started this blog and I honestly have learned so much. Trial and error has been the way its done but I have seen so many blessings through it. I have met amazing people, learned how to be a better business woman, and ultimately become…



I have been way too into this song lately, I love the lyrics and I love the beat so I wanted to highlight it in some of my lettering practice. It totally reminds me of how women are, we are borderline happy, and borderline sad, especially me. I have had such a mix of emotions building this…

Breathless Moments


Nothin like some good Selena Gomez to brighten up the new year. I love her bopper beats and this one has some really cute lines. I was practicing my lettering with some of my favourite lyrics from the song The Heart Wants What it Wants that she recently released. It is totally about JB which…

Shake it off


Taylor Swift. I have never been a real big fan of her music but I think she is an amazing artist and obviously everyone loves anything she puts out. I think her new album is great and this song had so many fun little quotes that I had to design one for the old shop….



I love this color palette so much that I made you a little swatch image to pin. I also used one of my favourite new fonts called finlek, its on sale right now for $19 and is really fun to use. I am sure you have noticed how everything has gone from perfect sway calligraphy…



 1. Kelsey Bang  2. A Slice of Style  3. Golden Swank 4. Lush to Blush It so fun to see how some of the prints I have designed are styled and I wanted to share a few of my favourite with you. Each girl has done something unique and fun with their prints and I seriously can’t get…