I never say no to a fun family shoot no matter what the circumstances. This shoot was taken at Utah Lake with all the leaves and pretty sunset behind, the weather was perfect (which I was a little worried about being the end of October). I also loved meeting a new photographer with personality and a fun style.

Life has been really up and down the last few months with Scarlett and I have had a ton of anxiety about her in general. She was so hard for so many months that it kind of haunts me, so when I have a rough week I freak myself out thinking she is falling back into that. We have done sleep training for the 4th time and it worked for about 2 weeks and then she started teething so I don’t really know what to do about the sleep thing now. Lucky enough, I met another mom with a daughter who has a similar condition and it has been so nice to vent and talk about babies, PKU and everything else. We have such great doctors here but sometimes it takes someone from across the world (she’s from England), to find the right connection.

I’m glad it is Thanksgiving this week. The Holidays are so good to lift your spirits when times are hard and realize how thankful you are for everything. Having lots of family and friends to enjoy and spend quality time with and eat really amazing food with, can make all the difference.

I am keeping myself busy with lots of design projects which I will be posting soon as well as doing decor projects in the house. Shopping is the best and I’m addicted so I am doing some fun sales in my shop.

Ash + Ivory shop ¬†sale for Black Friday is…$50 letter boards and $3 prints! The sale will be up Thanksgiving day through Saturday! It is the¬†lowest price our boards will ever go so make sure to snatch them up while supplies lasts! Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about them too. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving week!