crow-feathers-gold-saturated-25-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-2-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-5-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-6-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-7-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-8-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-12-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-13-of-71
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crow-feathers-gold-saturated-33-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-36-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-39-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-40-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-41-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-43-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-44-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-46-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-47-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-49-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-50-of-71
crow-feathers-gold-saturated-55-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-62-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-64-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-65-of-71 crow-feathers-gold-saturated-70-of-71I loved doing these family pics because we were able to do them in November and it wasn’t too cold for my little baby. She was five weeks and honestly I just can’t believe how much she has changed in the last few weeks. She is such a light to our family and I couldn’t be happier to be her mom. PKU has not been a burden to us thus far, we just do the formula and the weekly blood tests until she starts eating more solid foods, that’s when there will be a bigger adjustment. She is healthy and her levels are finally where they need to be (whew, what a relief).

Christmas card pics are my favourite of the entire year. I think I like them so much because of the progress they show of us over the past year. These pics turned out just beautiful and captured our little family perfectly thanks to Hunter Fowler.