This post has taken me forever because I took forever to finish this room! Haha. It was a big project for me with everything going on with my family and myself but I am so glad I got it done just in time for the holidays. As you know, I am a sale shopper so most of what I have in here is a good deal. I loved this rug so that was the first thing I purchased from RUGSUSA, it had so many fun colors and it was really soft for Scarlett to play on so I thought it was the perfect choice for us. I pulled out the navy and mustard yellow for the pillows to add more color to the sectional and then used fun neutral accents for accessories.

I then busted out my own simple version of an IKEA HACK with the white cabinets and the fancy brass bar pulls and voila! I have a nice looking tv console.

I tried to put links to everything so you could check it out. Enjoy!

Couch: West Elm

Pillows: Ash + Ivory (custom)

Mustard Blanket: Target similar

Leather Ottoman: Thrifted

Wooden Tray with Copper Handles: Crate & Barrel

White TV console: Ikea we bought two of the smaller BESTA matte whites and connected them. Then I added bronze handles to make it look higher end.

Gold Handles: houzz Atlas

Fig Tree: Sun River Garden

Basket: Target similar

Rug: RugsUSA

Accessories: target, home goods, TJ Maxx