I have been horrible at posting my projects this year because I have been so busy working!

I first want to say in the spirit of Thanksgiving, that I am so grateful for my awesome clients. I get to meet new, interesting people doing amazing projects. I appreciate how creative and ambitious people are with starting businesses these days. Most of my clients are women and mothers as well. I can barely manage doing both so it impresses me greatly to see so many women succeeding in business and life.

This project is actually a high end childrens clothing company in China. They sell products such as gucci, chanel and all of the top brands in accessories as well. They had a very clear idea of what they wanted with this and how important a clean appearance was to them. They requested a previous color palette I had done so for my post I switched it up a bit for varieties sake and added the more gray/taupes. Overall I love how it turned out. The texture is so much fun and they style that we ended with was so simple and clean!