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After a month, I finally got her nursery finished…she did come two weeks early and apparently I decided to procrastinate until the last minute. Anywho, I decided to do her nursery gray and white with pink and shades of blue. It’s kind of hard to tell but the velvet bench is dusty blue which matches the minted prints above her bed. I figured doing neutrals would give me a head start for my next child in case its a boy.

I started designing by choosing the pretty prints from I wanted color and a modern touch so it took me a while to choose them since they have so many options. I chose the “Rose Sil Vous Plait” because it means “Pink Please” in french and I love pink and I know Scarlett does too :). I paired it with a modern painting to bring in some color and movement, and it freed me up to use tons of different shades of pink and blue since it is hard to find exact matches when you are shopping at different stores. I chose the natural wood frames to add a soft touch to the room and I incorporated that through the table lamp, and the fur stool as well as the legs of the crib.

Finding furniture that was affordable was WAY harder than I thought. I always design on a tight budget but I needed quality so these items could last longer. I think I found that with most of the furniture aside from the changing table. I think it looks great but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are restricted with size like I was.

The gray swivel rocker from Babies R Us, was a must for me. I really wanted something comfortable and of course able to last the test of all my children so it was the largest purchase for her room. And my other biggest must have was the blush velvet curtains from West Elm. I can’t even tell you what I went through to get those, back orders, phone calls and blaa blaa the longest story ever but I got them and they are dreamy.

For the accessories, I wanted a random mix of items that were special gifts given to her like the cool classic children’s books as well as fun things like the pillow on the rocker that says “good morning gorgeous” to add unique touches and some fun, since everything is mostly neutral.

Overall I wanted her nursery to be very comfortable and bright. I wanted it to feel clean and simple and be a calming place for us to be together and I am very happy with how it turned out.

Crib: Walmart online

Large Prints:

Rocker: Babies R Us

Dresser:  similar

Knobs on dresser: Hobby Lobby

Rug: Tuesday Morning

Pink Velvet Curtains: West Elm

Floor Lamp: Target

Sheets: Hobby Lobby fabric (my mom made them)

Bunnies: gifts

Pink Velvet Pillow: West Elm

Basket: Home Goods

Fur Stool: Hobby Lobby

Gold and marble side table: Home Goods

Black Frame: Pottery Barn

Gold ram book ends: Target

Scarlett black wood lettering: gift

Mirror: Ikea hack

Good Morning Gorgeous Pillow: Tuesday Morning

Blue Velvet Bench: Home Goods

White floral pillow: Home Goods

Shelves: Ikea

Small Prints: Rifle Paper Company here 

White Frames: Ikea

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