Scarlett’s Birth Story


Miss Scarlett came very unexpectedly but dang was I happy to get rid of the back pain I had been suffering through. It all started with an instagram post I did that night, I think I cursed myself when I wrote that the thought of waiting two more weeks made me want to die. My…

Office Design


CALENDAR FREEBIE  Get $10 any order with the coupon WGS10 from Parabo Press (large print and wooden frame) Ok so I have had my office in my new house for a year and a half and still never decorated it. You would think it would be the first room to decorate because I practically live in…

Practicing Photography & My Little Sister


Happy Birthday to my little sissy!!! I can’t believe she is so grown up and has a big girl job now. She teaches English to Jr. High students and they really love her (of course because she is so cool!) Nicole decided to dye her hair pink a few weeks ago and so I tried…

A change of Heart


Well, you might recall my last pregnancy rant about how hard being pregnant was emotionally for me and how much I hated it even though I knew it was a great blessing to even get pregnant. Now that I am in my second trimester it has been a world of difference in literally every way….