scarletts-blessing-1-of-90 scarletts-blessing-3-of-90 scarletts-blessing-10-of-90 scarletts-blessing-5-of-90 scarletts-blessing-15-of-90 scarletts-blessing-16-of-90scarletts-blessing-80-of-90 scarletts-blessing-85-of-90 scarletts-blessing-63-of-90

She scratched her eye right before I took the pictures 🙁
scarletts-blessing-68-of-90 scarletts-blessing-69-of-90 scarletts-blessing-84-of-90 scarletts-blessing-86-of-90 scarletts-blessing-87-of-90 scarletts-blessing-89-of-90 scarletts-blessing-65-of-90 scarletts-blessing-66-of-90 scarletts-blessing-70-of-90 scarletts-blessing-71-of-90 scarletts-blessing-73-of-90 scarletts-blessing-74-of-90

First of all, I realize these are basically the same picture over and over but I am just so obsessed I want them alllllllll. I seriously can’t get over her in that little bonnet. I love bonnets.

Scarlett’s blessing day was such a special day for our family. Not only was her dress hand made by Tyler’s mother, but our 90 year old Grandpa Kizerian made it to the blessing, I would consider that a great success. We spent the whole day hanging with family and doting on my little princess in white, what a magical day. She is such a blessing for our family and although I am exhausted and don’t ever get sleep, we are so happy to have her. I want to remember everything about her so I decided to write my top 5 favs of the week.

  1. I love when she sits in a little ball on my chest
  2. I love when she is asleep and I hold her up and her arms flop down to her sides.
  3. I love when she stretches her arms above her head and the face she makes when doing it.
  4. I really love her cry face, its sooooo cute but I hate the noise that comes out of it
  5. I love her spiky fluffy hair that will not go down for the life of me.