I have been HORRIBLE at posting recently. I honestly looked in my drafts box and saw all of these half done posts that I thought I posted so I am really going to try and go crazy this next month and get caught up. That being said, my favourite post is this one because it means so much to me. As you know, if you read my blog, the last year of my life has been super hard for us in so many ways; my baby, post pardum issues with me and my dad’s cancer to name a few. I honestly can say this year could not have gone by fast enough. I am so glad we made it to her first year and things are settling down or maybe we are just adjusting but I am glad the hardest part is over. Scarlett is honestly the most fun loving baby ever. She loves to play and laugh, she is beyond curious and sharp as a tac. I can’t get away with anything, and I mean anything! She is so obsevant she knows what’s going on all of the time so I think she may be the child that whips me into shape with all of my follies (never used that word before but it seemed just right).

Now for the decor. Well, I knew I wanted to do a “one”derland theme but not Alice and Wonderland or a winter wonderland so I did a dream wonderland. I was feeling the Peter Pan vibes of them in that boat that floats through the stars. I wanted the colors to be soft so I did the light pink, white and clear balloons with gold glitter in them and then added a few darker pink ones for texture. THIS IS THE TUTORIAL for the balloon arch that I coppied almost exactly. She has all of the stuff you need to buy and clear instructions. It was actually pretty easy. I just used two thumb tacs and tied it to the wall, so it leaves minimal destruction :).  I also wanted little stars everywhere so I just bought glitter paper at Hobby Lobby and cut out a whole bunch of stars. Then I taped them to the walls and to some fishing line (which you use in the balloon arch) and hung them over my chandelier. For the other little details like the gold banner, gold and silver paper plates and napkins, I just found at Walmart in their party section. The banner was about $3 so really everything was soooo affordable.

I wanted to add a special detail to her party so I worked with Parabo Press, one of my favourite collaborators (you know me and paper), and made a cute banner or her monthly growth pictures + a few more cute ones and a sweet hard cover book for people to write something sweet in about Scarlett. I want her to see the picture book and read all the fun things people wrote and have a special memory of this time in her life. I printed the most beautiful family pics of Scarlett when she was 6 months old by Kristina Curtis Photography. I seriously loved how everything turned out and I could not be more happy with the memories. And like always Parabo has been so awesome to offer you a 25% discount of your order with the code THING at checkout. If you are wanting photobooks for Christmas gifts, you will want to jump on this opportunity. They books are only $25!!!!!