I LOVE Christmas time and since I’m home so much and working around Scarlett’s naps, I get bored so all I want to do is decorate. I wanted to do Scarlett’s room because I feel like there are so many simple ideas you can do to spice up a room with most of the items you already have plus some cute additions and details.

For the crib I just used a pretty silver tree branch from Home Goods and put my most favourite target ribbon that I am so obsessed with on it. I then added a little piece of string and clipped all of my Parabo Press pics to it. If you haven’t noticed, that is my thing this year. I love the square prints they offer and I used them in several ways this christmas. This is not a sponsored post, I just love them so much I wanted to let you know my deep LOVE for printed goods and how they spice up any decor.

For her changing table (which she never uses cause she wiggles around so much she would fall off), I put a little mexican nativity my husband bought me on our honeymoon. I used paper cut snowflakes which I cut with my silhouette cameo machine and then just used everyday items for the rest of the table.

My overall style was the blush, black and cream plaid style this year and I love it. The Hearth and Hand collection at Target is killing me! I can’t stop buying stuff (which I’m sure my husband just loves haha). If you have a chance check it out, you will love everything! I am going to post my main Christmas soon so keep an eye out. Merry Christmas!

Target: Ribbon, pink ribbon, tiny pasel ornaments, stocking holder houses, stocking, plaid bag

Lamb rocker: Macey’s Grocery store ( I saw it above the meat section! haahaaaaa)

Mini Tree: Walmart (only 10 dollars) in store similar