OBSESSED! You never know how obsessed you are with something until you throw a party and all you can think about is how to make it cool. I got that way with Stranger Things this year. I loved the show, pretty much everything about it but when I started decorating I was on Stranger Things crack and could not stop making/crafting more. All my pics are with my Iphone so they aren’t great but hopefully if you follow my Instastories, you saw the real deal.

I was dressed as Barb of course 🙂 and Tyler was Lucas which was super easy to do. I just bought a wig and a camo bandanna and then he wore is normal clothes and a backpack. People came in the coolest outfits. My theme was Stranger things or 80’s film so it was so fun to have different variations of E.T show up.

I did a waffle bar with 11 toppings and then had some savory food on the other table. We ate and did the little photobooth and then sat down to play a fun game I set up on kahoots.com which was super fun. The night was a blast except for the worlds worst party fail at the most important moment. We were sitting down to watch episode 1 and my TV sound wasn’t working. Something got messed up and I was in a panic so we had a little costume parade as we walked two doors down to my neighbours and watched it. What a terrible fail. I think that will put me out for never having a showing party for the next 10 years!!

On halloween, we were Tiger Lily, Captain Hook and Tinkerbell which was so fun and I thought I would add a few of those pics too. My husband was love/hating his tight pants but he was a good sport. He is always one to make the most of something like a costume or character. I can officially say, this years October was quite eventful and I am glad to ease into the holidays.


I got all of the table decor at walmart for like $2 and then I got the framed Stranger Things Posters from Amazon and Etsy. The really big one in the balloon arch was printed by Parabo Press  which I love and will have up in my office all year.


BELOW  are high res images if you want to print your own.